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Complaint Regulations for wireless trainings, given by Signalutions BV

1. General Provisions
1.1. Article 1
In these regulations under the terms listed below shall mean the following:
- Complaint: an expression of dissatisfaction
- Applicant: the person against whom the conduct or statement, as defined in Article 2 of these rules
has occurred.
1.2.Complaints shall be handled strictly confidential.

2. Submission of a complaint
2.1. Article 2
2.1.1. Everyone has the right to file a complaint about the manner in which Signalutions employees
behave, while executing their profession.
2.1.2. Third parties, hired by Signalutions bv to assist in the trainings, are also considered as
employees for submission of complaints.

2.2. Article 3
2.2.1. A complaint may be submitted both in writing and orally at Signalutions.
2.2.2. For treatment of a complaint the following data are required:
- The name and address of the applicant;
- The name of the person whose conduct or statement relates to the complaint;
- The date of the act or statement which the complaint related to;
- A brief description of the facts to which the complaint relates;
2.2.3. The person concerned may be assisted or represented by third party.

3. Acknowledgement
3.1. Article 4
3.1.1. The receipt of the complaint shall be confirmed in writing within two working days.
3.1.2. The acknowledgment includes:
- The date of the act or statement to which the complaint relates occurred;
- A brief description of the facts to which the complaint relates;
- A description of of the complaint procedure;
- Details of a contact person to whom the person concerned may optionally turn.

4. Method of treatment
4.1. Article 5
4.1.1. The handling of the complaint is done by the superior of the person to whom the complaint
relates, provided it is not involved in the conduct.
In the case of (co) involvement of the supervisor, the complaint will be handled by his superior.
If the complaint is directed against the most
responsible person in the organization, the complaint will be handled by the person who bears most
responsibility after this person.
4.1.2. Signalutions bv is not obliged to handle the complaint if:
- It relates to an act which has previously been a complaint that has been dealt with in compliance
with these regulations;
- It relates to an incident that occurred more than one year before filing the complaint;
4.1.3. If the complaint is declined, the person concerned will be informed as soon as possible
but no later then four working days after
submission of the written complaint pending.

4.2. Article 6
4.2.1. The filer of the complaint receives a copy of the complaint and accompanying documents.

4.3. Article 7
4.3.1. Signalutions, the person concerned and the person to whose conduct the complaint relates
will be heard orally.
4.3.2. Of this hearing written report shall be made. The report shall be forwarded to
the persons concerned.

4.4. Article 8
4.4.1. Signalutions handles the complaint within seven working days of submission.
4.4.2. Signalutions can postpone the handling of the complaint for a maximum of four weeks.
The applicant will be informed in writing in such a case.

4.5. Article 9
4.5.1. Signalutions informs the applicant of the descision and the actions to be taken in written.
4.5.2. If a dispute is where educator and learner not solve, a third independant party,
the CWNP organization, is requested for a decision.
This decision is binding.

5. Registration
5.1. Article 10
5.1.1. Signalutions is responsible for the registration of the complaints. This register
contains the number of complaints,
the nature of the complaints and the actions taken.
5.1.2. Complaints will be kept up to 2 years after the registration of the complaint.

6. Applicable law and disputes
6.1 Article 11
Dutch law aplies, also if a contract wholly or partly abroad or if the law regarding party
concerned is domiciled there.

7. Final Provisions
7.1. Article 12
7.1.1. This regulation is available for public inspection at the office of Signalutions bv
7.1.2. These regulations may be viewed on the website under the menu item "Complaints"

7.2. Article 13
7.2.1. These regulations take effect on January 1, 2015.

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